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Hi, I'm Lauren Styles

I was created to personally style your unique and irreplaceable Legacy.

As a passionate Filmmaker, I care deeply about preserving the legacies that matter most to you. 

There is no one like you, your dreams, your endeavors or your family and friends. In our busy lives, it can be difficult to capture the beauty in it all, and that is where I can come in and help. 

I am a woman who carries joy through the trials and wants to bring joy to your legacies.


I have been cultivating stories since I knew how how to write. High School was when I realized that I had a unique gift to see beyond the photograph. 

As a Film Producer, I specialize in taking your legacy, and preserving it for years to come. 

I grew in my filmmaking expertise at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and utilized my skill in weddings, commercial marketing and independent films. 


My business is planted to serve your friends and family in a way that nostalgically touches the heart, mends what is broken and waters what is blooming.


Your relationships are one of the most valuable assets in your life. Each person is worth more than rubies and as we produce a legacy and preserve your memories, we will get to give something much more than a last minute gift or bouquet of roses to the one you love.


Whether it's in a memorial, an anniversary, birthday celebration, new born birth or business endeavor, I believe there is beauty in pausing and recognize the wonder in it all. 

Radiant Retreat 22-202.jpg

Why does this matters so much to me? One, there is no one like you and no one like your mother, father, brother, sister, spouse or child. There is nothing new under the sun, but at the same time, there will never be another you. 


I've tasted goodbyes. Too many that I can count. My last two goodbyes were of my two sisters who passed away before they got married, had children or turned 30. Just like that, they were gone. Just like that, their legacy stopped. Their story ended. All the moments shared together were passing, fading away, possibly having the potential to be forgotten forever. 

Even though their life were taken from them so quickly, their story matters and I believe that their story, just like YOUR STORY can change the community and the world for the better. Your story matters. You have something to say. You have something to share. And my hands what to be apart of sharing the gold that you have been blessed to see. 

I love laughing, family, friends, God, singing on my guitar and playing with my neighborhood kids. I'm your neighbor down the street and I see you. I love to dance and dream. I may have a camera and a story to tell, but it's a heart that wants to serve and help you create what you desire. 


What I love about what I do is that it's personalized for each client. I work together with my clients to tell what they see and what they love. It's a total package of creativity, freedom and unique design, specifically tailored and handcrafted for you. 

You may be wondering why I care?



Focused on producing, filming and editing short films.

Produced on Independent Films & Commercial Productions in Philadelphia, PA. Enjoyed capturing weddings as a cinematographer and editor on the weekends.

Produced, filmed and edited the marketing for an advertisement agency. Served the local business in the Lehigh Valley from Hospitals like St. Lukes to colleges like Moravian and many downtown restaurants. 




My two sisters, Crystal and Kaela who passed away too young.

Radiant Retreat (361)_edited.jpg

Now I help loved ones cherish and preserve the memories that mean the most to them, bringing forth healing and joy to the community.  

Let's show off your
unique Legacy in Motion.

I believe with my whole heart that taking the time to acknowledge our loved ones in a luxury legacy won't just bring forth healing, love and joy, but it will transform our communities to see past our failures and look on the horizon towards a bright future as to who we can become, rather than who we once were. 




Contact Me |  Tel: 570-578-9874

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Thanks for inquiring!

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