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Lauren is ready
to style your Legacy.


Lauren Styles is a fun and vibrant Film Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor based in Pennsylvania. 


With a history of serving on short films, independent features, commercial and celebratory productions, she has been equipped to serve the community more through her own creative production company. 


Some clients she has worked with consist of St. Lukes, LVHN, Berkshire Hathaway, Bvlgari, and numerous high end restaurants, law firms, school districts, colleges, and nonprofits. 


Some celebrities she has had the privilege to work with are David Akers, Lil Mo, Ice-T, and Mama Jones. 


Now Lauren Styles, LLC specializes in producing hand-crafted luxury legacies that are enriched with her client’s intimate collection and character. Through old VHS tapes, slides, 8 mm film reels, old photos and videos, as well as her own cinematic style, she is able to edit a timeless story of you or the ones you love to preserve and treasure for a lifetime. 


She recently finished producing a legacy feature documentary about a faith-based couple who reached their 70th Wedding Anniversary, all while they were sowing into a large family heritage and establishing a Hospital in the poorer territories of Nigeria. 


Through this irreplaceable production, where only one out of 1000 couples make it to their 70th Wedding Anniversary, this client and family were able to lay down their legacy stone of remembrance, allowing them, their grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, to always remember where and who their family came from. 


These new and fun personalized productions, 'Legacies in Motion', can serve anyone; from a celebration of a community, a new born baby, birthday, anniversary, spouse, new job endeavor, celebratory memorial, personal life legacy, she is here to help and guide towards producing your movie that brings hope and healing to us all.


Lauren Styles

Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

(570) 394-0235

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