Hi, I'm Lauren Styles, and I was
created to personally style your
unique and irreplaceable Legacy.

No one else has YOUR STORY but you, and it's BEAUTIFUL.
Let's show it off in motion. 
Radiant Retreat 22-202.jpg

As a passionate Creative Video Storyteller, I care deeply about preserving the legacies that matter most to you. 

There is no one like you, your dreams, your endeavors or your family and friends. In our busy lives, it can be difficult to capture the beauty in it all, and that is where I can come in and help. 


Why am I so passionate about preserving your legacy? Because it matters. It's worth far more than rubies, and if we don't pause and take the time to see the beauty in it, the opportunity to do so, will pass us by.

I believe with my whole heart that taking the time to acknowledge our loved ones in a luxury legacy won't just bring forth healing, love and joy, but it will transform our communities to see past our failures and look on the horizon towards a bright future as to who we can become, rather than who we once were. 



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